Caring for your garment

About your Garment

All of our garments are manufactured by hand from the finest quality materials available. All garment fibres, whether natural or synthetic, will deteriorate over time. Some fabrics and materials are extremely delicate and require careful handling and cleaning.

Improper care and handling may result in deterioration or discolouration of various fabrics and materials. Any irregularities in materials, fabrics, texture and/or beading are characteristic of the garments adding to its natural beauty and in no way should be considered defective. Combining various fabrics and colours may result in some slight discolouration. This is a common occurrence with these special materials.

 Perspiration, deodorant, chalk, make-up and other substances may contribute to colour discolouration or bleeding, often when certain colours meet. Even with proper care and washing some discolouration may occur.

We cannot accept returns due to such occurrences. These garments care instructions are provided to help you maintain your garments original beauty and to preserve its longevity.


 Caring for your Garment


Sensitive colour combinations {light and dark} Folied or Hologram fabrics

Garments containing both light and dark colours required careful washing procedures in order to prevent bleeding.

Garments containing foiled, glitter and or hologram fabric may dull with care and repeated washings. Areas that incur abrasion may show signs of loss of foil. Due to the sensitive nature of these fabric these garment require the following washing procedure.

1. Hand wash in a full sink of cold water.

2. Use a few drops of Johnson's Baby Shampoo in cold water to clean and sanitise the leotard. 

3. Do not rub the fabric together. Do not soak.

4. Remove the leotard immediately and wring it in a towel to remove excess water. 

5. Hang out on coat hanger to dry.

6. avoid drying in direct sunlight. For best results hang inside. 

 Do Not: Use excessive amounts of detergent, harsh detergents, soaps, oxyclean or bleach.



Caring for your garment